Democracy in a Time of RWNJ Hoaxes

Lying has come to be expected when we hear Republican politicians and their media front-men discuss national issues. They perpetrate one hoax after another. The most of it sets about generating artificial paranoia with NRA arguably the worst. The fundamentals of economic organization, climate, cultural experience, and personal safety are subjected to serial misrepresentations. One […]

Mary Jo Kopechne and Leola Anderson. Rest in Peace.

Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts on July 18, 1969. The road between Bazas and Bernos-Beaulac, France on June 16, 1968. Same difference. Two tragic deaths with major American presidential candidates driving. Bad driving, a car wreck, a woman killed, obscured and missing police reports, statements describing the incident and its aftermath that are implausible — that is what […]