Democracy in a Time of RWNJ Hoaxes

Lying has come to be expected when we hear Republican politicians and their media front-men discuss national issues. They perpetrate one hoax after another. The most of it sets about generating artificial paranoia with NRA arguably the worst. The fundamentals of economic organization, climate, cultural experience, and personal safety are subjected to serial misrepresentations.

One bit of relief, recently, was that the airport delays were not a hoax. That was real. For a week or so. Other than that the main stories in the U.S. news have have gone as much to hoax as fact:

— The economics news is polluted by gawd awful Reinhart and Rogoff lies out of Harvard. “Growth in a Time of Debt” is a piece of sophomoric trash that excludes data from 5 countries and fakes a simple trend line. R&R created their hoax-paper to deny the basic lessons of modern Balance Sheet Recession economics.

— Follow up from Reinhart and Rogoff has featured more lies about academic critics. R&R insist on putting an Ivy League stamp on dishonest NeoCon tomfoolery. R&R admited to publishing bogus numbers and have yet to resign. (In their world only “the Left” care about dishonesty.)

— National Rifle Association keeps its Major Hoax #1 running. Their ad campaign claims that Obama is weak and that violent crime is exploding. More bogus numbers, all around. Scummy as R&R. FBI says violent crime declined by 15.5% from 2007-2011.

— NRA pushes a Major Hoax #2 . That fantasy has “1,000,000 to 2,500,000” armed defenses happening at homes every year. Utterly fantastic. FBI tabulations show 80 at-home civilian defensive killings in 2010. 250 at-home defensive shootings. No more than 10,000 civilian gun uses at residences. If you don’t sell drugs out your door, the U.S. has 850 gun accident fatalities a year that are more likely to get you.

— NRA also maintains a fantasy, technically one supposes a hoax,  that there is a Gun Confiscation Army, fueled and loaded up for seizing firearms. This piece of madness has a secret army of federal employees lined up to break down doors and confiscate the gun-lovers’ guns. The NRA solution to all this, of course, is buying more guns.Buying more guns will keep the GCA off your door step, don’tcha know.

If you’re a true patriot, you sleep with a loaded pistol under your pillow. If not, then not.

— The most recent hoax blames Obama for the Boston massacre. Seems that the elder brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was on at least one “watch list.” Then no one watched him. The RWNJ crew tell the story — omitting that these brothers came to the United States and got their papers under the anti-Putin policies of GW Bush.

Want lies, check out the headlines. If the content comes from RWNJ economic sources or NRA, expect the worst. This cannot be good for democracy.

Republican talking points = pretty much one hoax after another.

Growth in a Time of Debt

FBI 2011 Civilian Justifiable Homicide 

FBI data cover all civilian gun fatalities by year. The at-home fatal shootings run about a third of all defensive gun uses that result in fatal shootings. Detail lines are available with names and addresses edited out


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